I Need to Hire a Freelancer

i need to hire a freelancer

If you are an entrepreneur or running a startup, you might have various reasons to get help. One of the primary reasons to hire a freelancer by outsourcing a job is the cost cut. It might be possible that the project is for a limited time, and in that case, hiring a full-time employee is a bad idea. Because what are you going to do with that employee after 6 months of the project?

As an example, you want to develop a website for your business. It is a one-time job, and hiring a full-time worker is just a lack of business sense. The solution to such short-term services is hiring a freelancer.

You can hire the same freelancer again and again when needed. In this way, your costs of hiring a full-time employee will be reduced to occasional compensation for the required work.

The next question is where to hire freelancers? And how to know which freelancer is fit for my job! Which platform is best to hire freelancers at affordable prices? If you have these questions in mind, this blog is for you.

We are going to talk about one of the most popular as well as an affordable platform to hire freelancers. On this page, we are going to discuss what services are offered and how to find your perfect match, and the procedure to hire a freelancer. So let’s get into the details.


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You need the best freelancer platform

It was developed with the concept of creating a marketplace where people can buy and sell different digital services. These services range from writing, logo designing to website development to getting your business plan or idea approved by gurus of business.

The platform’s growth was enormous, and by 2012, just after two years of its inception, it was hosting around 1.3 million different gigs. We will talk about gigs in the following sections of the blog. The company has been growing since 2012 by expanding the spectrum of services and the number of freelancers.

There, freelancers offer their services as prepackaged projects that are called gigs, and buyers can search their required services by applying different filters.

Let’s see how it all works.



How does it work?

It is a platform for both buyers and sellers. The sellers are the freelancers who are offering different services as per their expertise. As a seller register himself on the platform, he can make 7 gigs by default. He can provide various services in the same niche or selecting different services.

Gigs are prepackaged projects, and the seller has the freedom to make 3 packages for each gig based on different criteria. Other than that, a seller can respond to buyer requests placed by buyers, 10 each a day.

Now, let’s see how buyers or entrepreneurs can hire freelancers.

There are two options for buyers. Either to hire directly by different gigs of their required services. Or otherwise, they can post buyer requests where sellers will approach them directly.

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Hiring by Purchasing Gig

If a buyer wants to hire a freelancer directly by purchasing a gig, all he has to do is to go to search and type the service he is looking for. He can review and do research to see the gigs and chose the best for his job. If he is agreed upon the gig price, delivery time, description, and service offered, he will purchase the gig.

There is another option of asking the buyer of the gig for a custom offer. If his packages are more or less than your required work, simply ask the seller to make a custom offer for you.


request freelance service

Posting Buyer Requests

If you think that your requirements are not being already offered by a freelancer, or you are having trouble finding your exactly required services, the platform offers another option for you. It is the buyer’s request. All you have to do is post a buyer request.

In the buyer request, you have the choice to add a description of the services required, your budget, any timeline or time limit, and criteria.

Different freelancers will approach you based on your asked services. By 24 hours, you will have a pool of relevant professional freelancers with their bids, and you can talk to those who you think have understood your requirements. After a comprehensive discussion between freelancers and hirers, there are chances of better satisfaction of both sides.

One tip for entrepreneurs or buyers is that be very detailed in your request. It will be beneficial for you as well as the freelancer applying for the job.



Seller Level

There is another beneficial feature. If an entrepreneur is looking for a professional with a high job success rate, or he is trying to minimize his risk of being at a loss, he can choose different sellers based badges. Different badges are given to different sellers, and it all depends on the job success rate of the sellers.


new seller
No level
When a seller registers himself, he has to spend at least 60 days as a no level seller. So, you can easily spot a newbie.


level one
Level 1
Once the seller has spent 60 days on the platform, has earnings of more than 400$, and has done nothing against the company terms, he is awarded a level 1 badge.


level two
Level 2
Level 2 is the seller badge given to the seller, who is working actively for at least 120 days and earns more than 2000$.


top rated seller
Top-Rated Freelancer
It is the freelancer who has completed earnings of 20000$ and 100 orders completed with a period of 6 months as an active seller.

Hence, being a buyer, you can apply the level filter while looking for different services. We have talked a lot about how to hire and what filter to apply. Now, let’s see what services an entrepreneur can look for.



Best Gigs while you are setting up your business

We discussed that the platform is a hub of various services from the best professionals around the globe. But, now we will see what services are being offered.


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Logo designing

You can get your business logo design that is custom-made for you by professionals.

Who to choose? Check the prices, compare their packages and the portfolios of the sellers. You will get some extremely reasonable gigs with a lot of affordability coming along.


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Business Style Guides and Business Cards

You can get your business cards, stationery, and business style guides from freelancers.


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Website Design

In the 21st century, if a business doesn’t have its online presence, it can lead to a disaster! Either you are a big giant, or a small startup, you can make your competition strong by just having an active website and updated content! You can hire professional developers to make your website live with all the parameters set!


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Web developers

A polished, attractive, and neat website plays a role in your website traffic! A reader will stay longer if the website is responsive and has a neat outlay, says psychology! Hire the vetted professional developers to take your website to the next level!


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Google Analytics

Every business wants to see the results of their marketing campaign! Hire a professional to set your google analytics account to check the website traffic and other analytic measures!


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SEO experts

You can drive traffic mainly by the search engine results! And for that, you need to be visible on the first page! Rarely, a person will go to the second or third page of google! If you want to bury a dead body, send it to the second page! Understand this phrase! Different professionals will help you to optimize your website for Google and SEO purposes!


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Optimizing website performance and Speed

You will never want to lose your website visitor just because your website took a little longer to load! Hire someone to optimize your website performance and Speed!


online marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new marketing! The world is online! For any existing business or a new startup, the challenges are equal because an online presence is the new normal. How to ensure that you are not just present online but also visible?

Social media experts, search engine optimization experts, marketers, and advertisers are part of the digital marketing fraternity of the platform. What services can you get from them?

✅  SEO strategists to tell you how to grow your social presence by ranking high in the search engine results.

✅  If you are intending to grow your social media following or running your business on social media, hire social media advertisers and marketers to help you grow your business.

✅  Search engine optimization or growing your web traffic is not hard to do now by professionals.

✅  If you are planning to start a blog but don’t know how to start, you will find many SEO experts. They can help you through each step of creating your blog, keyword research, using different techniques to promote your content, and becoming online.

✅  From public relations, ebook marketing, music promotion, e-commerce marketing, influencer marketing, surveys, web analytics, email marketing, crowdfunding, or video marketing get your job done for highly affordable prices and professional people.

✅  Sales Copy, White papers, Emails, Business Plan- You won’t have to hire a full-time writer for your job. You can get services of professional technical writers. They will make your business plan look like a success, sales copies compelling enough, and project winning white papers.



Other services related to Graphic Designing


✅ Visual Designs

Entrepreneur or a business looking for services of the infographic to present their data in a visible form and more readable? The visual design category is for you to find your match. You will have adobe photoshop and illustrator experts.


✅ Building and Architecture designer

Physical space is essential to start a business or what if your company has something to deal with architecture designing. You don’t find it feasible to hire a permanent architect designer. Then what? Freelancer! You can hire a professional and experienced designer for your seasonal work. Either you are interested in hiring an architect designer, in getting your office architect design, or planning to build your dream house, a freelancer is your deal.


✅ Product and Character Design

If you are an entrepreneur with a great innovative idea, but you are low on the side of visualizing your product, don’t let your idea go to waste. Just hire someone to help you visualize your brainchild into a real product.


✅ Packaging and Labels

You are an entrepreneur giving services of content creation, book writing, and book publishing. What? Hire a full-time graphic designer for book cover designs? Isn’t it affordable? The platform is here! Hire your book cover designer. What? Done with the product idea but confused about how should the packing look like? The platform is there, hire someone to design your product’s packaging.


✅ Merchandise and T-shirts

At extremely affordable prices, you can hire someone to help you design your T-shirts for your merchandising business. You don’t have to do anything, just deliver your idea and let the professionals do the work.


✅ Web and Mobile Design

Social media design, web design, mobile design, or web banners, get anything you want.


✅ Print Design 

Last but not least, in the category of graphic designers is print design. From your new cuisine’s menu to catalogue design of your vibrant and sensational clothing line or brochure design for your upcoming business event and many more.



Writing and Translation

You can get the professionals on board with you to make your story a success story. Excellently written content has a profound impact on the reader. If we talk about services related to writing, it is no way far behind than other services being offered on the platform. You can get web content, articles, essays, or anything written even you can have language lessons in this category.


✅ Articles, blogs, or web content

You can get content written that is Seo optimized for your online blog or business website with premium quality.


✅ Book and ebook writing

Either it is the story of your life or you have not enough time to sit and write about a topic you have expertise in. Hire someone to give words to your thoughts and ideas.


✅ Script Writing

From plays to movies, you will see experts vetted professional writers to complete your job.


✅ Translators

Translation of one manuscript, audio, video, or article is not a hectic job now. You can get many native bilingual professionals who will translate your content to other languages without losing the essence and meaning.


✅ Product Descriptions

Stumbled and unorganized information does more harm than good. Hire professional writers to write descriptions of your products that make them look a worthy


✅ Proofreading and Editing

If you have already written content, but second opinion and editing, go for it. The company has various language professionals who will convert your rough draft into a completely polished piece of writing.


✅ Other services being offered related to writing are transcriptions, legal writing, podcast writing, UX writing, press releases, resume writing, and beta reading.




Video and Animation

We all know that videos and animation help in communicating our ideas more effectively. Either you want to make a promotional video for your business or a marketing video of your product. In the video and animation category, you will find professional video makers one after another. The services included are:


✅ Unboxing videos

If you want someone to unbox your product and give honest reviews about it, go for this category. The seller will make a video of unboxing your products, and review them. This video can be used for promotional purposes.


✅ Video editing

You have recorded content, but it is raw! Your video should be a polished piece, what to do? I assure you, you will get highly affordable prices for this service.


✅ Promotional video ads

You can hire video-makers to make marketing videos of your business or promotional ads!


✅ Application previews, Product ad, Slideshow Videos

The best way to market your product is by visualizing it and explaining the specifications! Making a slideshow or animated product ad or application preview can do the job!


freelancer home office

Business and Admin Support!

The startups, who have limited resources, can outsource their business operations to freelance professionals! On the platform, you can find different subcategories under the category of business! Simply outsource your less significant or occasional operations to highly professionals freelancers on the platform! You can find the following services.


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Virtual Assistant

Hire a virtual assistant to either manage your brand’s social media or send emails for you! Bookkeeping is quite a hectic job! What about hiring a professional accountant at reasonable rates to take care of your accounts!


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Cold Calling

Cold calling services are also provided by freelancers! You can hire at quite an affordable price someone to make cold calls for your business!


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Lead Generation

Lead generation is an essential business operation! Instead of doing this by yourself, you can hire a freelance professional to do the job!


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Customer Support

Customer relationship management has become a top priority of any business! It is a new parameter of success because the voice of your customer can be heard 1000 miles away! You would never want to compromise your customer relationships due to having slagging customer support!


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Data Entry

Any decision of the enterprise is based on strong evidence of data science. Manual data entry requires a full-time person to do the job. But, why hire a full-time employee if you can get more professional services at half the price!





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