PeoplePerHour freelancer Hiring! Is Payment Safe?

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Online freelancing is on the rise, the COVID-19 pandemic has if anything, increased the need for talented freelancers who can work from anywhere in the world. The last few years have seen a lot of freelancing sites emerge and People per Hour is one such platform that is taking on the freelancing market.

People per Hour is a U.K based freelancing platform that allows buyers to find talented freelancers for their work. It is structured like many of the other leading freelance sites, which makes the site easy to navigate, the user interface is also quite simple and thus the site does not require much time to get used to. Payment is completely safe as they hold the payment until work is delivered.

Buyers and freelancers both first of all need to create their accounts on the site before they can use any service offered by People per Hour. Signing up is a simple and secure process where basic details are required to create a new account. Freelancers, at this point will be required to fill in more details to create their profile.

It is advisable for the freelancers to add in as much details about their educational record, skills and experience as possible because this is what the buyers will see. The information that appears on the profile, will play a major role in determining the sales of freelancers.

Freelancers should take note that overstating their abilities will not be of much use because buyers usually have a vetting process and even if freelancers manage to get through the vetting process somehow, delivering substandard work to buyers will result in a poor review that will definitely end up impeding the growth of a freelancers account.

A negative review by one buyer will mean that the next buyer will be more cautious and perhaps may look for someone else. This is why it is important to remain honest and state only the skills and abilities that a freelancer possesses.

A properly and professionally created profile with clearly conveyed information can help buyers make up their mind better, as compared to a profile that does not have enough relevant information to help the buyers gauge the skills and experience of a freelancer.

Freelancers can also add videos, pictures and samples of their work or their portfolio directly on to their profile. The profile should be seen as a virtual resume, the more professionally constructed and attractive it is the better a freelancer`s chances will be of getting good buyers.

Once the freelancers have completed their profile, they are now ready to bid for offers. Freelancers can bid for at least 15 jobs at any given time, bidding for more than 15 jobs requires the purchase of extra credits.


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Peopleperhour: good freelancers and safe payments


There are mainly three ways for buyers to hire suitable freelancers:


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Post a Project

Buyers can post their projects on Peolpe per Hour and then the AI powered engine of the site will do the rest. Buyers will be required to fill in details of their project, add in specifics about the nature and scope of the work they want done. Price it and then post the offer. Once the project offer is posted the Ai powered engine will match the project with freelancers. Freelancers can also bid directly for a project proposal.


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Buy an Offer

Buyers can also buy offers put up by freelancers. Freelancers can put up offers to do a specific task. For instance a People per Hour freelancer may put up an offer to write a 500 word article for $20. If any buyer finds this suitable, they can simply buy this offer, get in touch with the freelancer and get started right away.


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Discover Freelancers

Another way that buyers can use to find freelancers is to use the search option of the site to discover suitable freelancers. People per hour, like all the other freelancing sites, uses a community rating mechanism where the freelancers are rated by the buyers for their work.

This naturally creates a hierarchy where the freelancers who deliver satisfactory work, get high ratings whereas freelancers who are not so good get lower ratings. This might be the safest way to get a good freelancer.

The ratings system can help buyers distinguish between good and not so good freelancers. Highly rated freelancers also have the incentive of increasing their rates, whereas freelancers who do not have high ratings, often tend to lower their rates so that they can get more buyers in order to improve their ratings.


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The community ratings system works fairly because the freelancers with lower ratings, also have a chance of working hard to cover up for their mistakes and make it to the top rankings with hard work and dedication.

Ideally, a buyer should look up a few freelancers, short list them and then ask for samples or portfolios to have a look at their past work. It is advisable to talk to the freelancers and build a rapport with them before hiring them for work, this allows a buyer time to gauge the abilities of the freelancer and determine whether they can work together effectively or not.

Peopleperhour ➚ has a good user friendly interface, a safe payment process, and a community system to rate, reward and appraise quality freelancers.


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PeoplePerHour freelancer Hiring! Is Payment Safe?
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