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Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platforms right now. It is without any doubt competing for the top spot because of its excellent service for both the buyers and the sellers. What makes Fiverr so popular and successful with freelancers and buyers alike is firstly it’s extremely user friendly interface. The learning curve for the Fiverr user interface is very short, it is simply a matter of creating the account and setting up the profile and the gig really.

Secondly, Fiverr has an advantage over other freelancing platforms because of the way it lists the freelancers. On most of the other platforms, freelancers have to bid for work or send offers to buyers. Fiverr has replaced this with the gig system where freelancers simply have to make their gigs and then the buyers can contact them directly. This makes for a much easier selling experience for the freelancers.

Fiverr is a very diverse marketplace when it comes to freelancing. Buyers can find freelancers related to almost any field of work. It must be remembered that Fiverr does not allow freelancers to offer any sort of academic services such as homework or assignment completion.

Such services are prohibited and against the terms and services of Fiverr and if any account is found offering such services, that account may be restricted or banned. Similarly, offering services that are of exceedingly low quality or offering plagiarised work are not allowed on Fiverr.

Freelancers need to understand that Fiverr aims to provide a marketplace for talented, qualified and professional individuals who are looking to set up their careers as freelancers. Any sub par work or fraudulent activity, will only go against the account that tries to do it.

Do you need a freelancer to start today? The platform has well-evaluated professionals who can start working immediately. Check out the main categories!


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As stated before, Fiverr has a diverse offering of freelancer categories. There is almost no service that a buyer cannot find on Fiverr.


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Graphic Design Search ⇗

The most popular category on Fiverr when it comes to freelancers and buyers, is the category of graphic designing. This is a very broad based category that has got multiple sub categories within it.

Logo designing, photoshop editing, banner designs, social media posts designing are just some of the different categories that are subsets of graphic design. Graphic designing also includes resume designing, book designing among others. This however is not where it ends, it has been mentioned above that Fiverr is a platform for professional freelancers, which means that Fiverr also has services that cannot be offered by anyone except a qualified professional in their respective field.

Game design, architectural modelling and industrial product modelling are just some of the expert professional services that are also available on Fiverr, that make it a platform that has been built truly for outsourcing professional services.


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Game Design Search ⇗

Graphic designing also includes “Game Designing” as a subset and this is a very professional freelancing service that requires the freelancers to be qualified and experienced in game design. At present Fiverr has got over 6100 active gigs under the game design category. There are further subsets of game designing such as character design, props and objects, backgrounds and environments and user interface design.


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Architecture and Interior Design Search ⇗

At present Fiverr has got over 29,300 active gigs for architecture and interior designing. These gigs start from $5 and go as high as they reasonably can. These services include 2d and 3d interior and exterior designing. Fiverr also offers “Studio services” for every category. Studio services are basically highly priced services where some of the top rated sellers on Fiverr collaborate together to deliver a bundle of services to clients looking for high quality service.


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Industrial and Product Design Search ⇗

Similarly Fiverr has got over 14,700 services in industrial and product designing. Buyers can find freelancers who offer 3D modelling and rendering, product manufacturing, prototyping and concept development for new products and ideas.


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Writing & Translation Search ⇗

Writing and translation is the second most popular category on Fiverr, as it can be seen from the screenshot, this category has also got a lot of sub categories. Freelancers who are in this category need to be extra careful about plagiarism. Buyers have very low tolerance levels for plagiarised content and if reported to Fiverr, a seller using excessively plagiarised content can get warned or worse, banned.

You will surely find many freelancers in this category willing to start working today.


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Articles and Blog Posts Search ⇗

Fiverr has got over 40,000 active gigs alone in the articles and blog writing category. Website and blog owners frequently need unique and engaging content for their sites and there is no shortage of freelancers willing to provide quality content.


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Online Language Lessons Search ⇗

Fiverr has got over 1800 active gigs offering online language lessons. This is a relatively new service that Fiverr has added to its line up of services that freelancers can offer. This is why Fiverr is different from other freelancing platforms. Fiverr does not only focus on traditional freelance services but it is now expanding into other areas that were previously not offered.


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Music and Audio Search ⇗

Yes, Fiverr also offers freelancing services related to music and audio. Buyers can get voice over artists for their videos, there is at present a great demand for YouTube voice over artists. Buyers can also find sound effects creators, music creators, singers and artists. Yes, buyers can actually get professional musicians to create content for them through Fiverr.


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Programming Search ⇗

Programming is a highly technical and specialized area that Fiverr offers as a service. Buyers can find qualified professional freelancers who can create websites, smartphone applications and other IT related services. Game development is a new category that Fiverr has recently added. Game development includes freelancers who not only create games but there is also a dedicated sub category for game coaching, where expert gamers teach buyers how to learn and play games like a professional.

Although we have discussed some of the main categories on Fiverr, there are quite literally hundreds of other services that buyers are benefitting from. Yes, you can chat with the freelancer and ask if he can start working today, immediately. Always ask first to find out if the professional is available.

There are services related to finance and accounting, where buyers can hire the services of professional accountants. Similarly there are also professional experts who provide mentorship, business development experts who provide their services to startups and small businesses.

The possibilities are limitless. Buyers simply need to carry out a bit of due diligence before selecting a seller that they can work with. Fiverr has got thousands of freelancers but all of them may not be up to the mark, therefore it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the seller or the freelancer has the right skills, technical proficiency and ability to carry out the task that is required to be done in a satisfactory manner.


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