8 Tips to Hire Good Freelancers Online

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Business expansion depends on how you handle it and one of the secrets to successful business expansion is outsourcing your work. Outsourcing has long been practiced by companies for various tasks such as recruiting employees or drawing marketing adverts through designated agencies.

But that is not all and whom that outsourcing is limited to. Today, just about any and every task can be outsourced. Many business models are based on all outsourced tasks as well with the ‘owner’ as only an organizer of them all.

These tasks are outsourced by people known as freelancers. They are mostly individuals who offer their services in the areas they are proficient in on a budget. These are self-employed people, without an employee or office, mostly.

The best part as a business is that you may very well get better quality work with an economical price and a contractor from anywhere in all the world. But finding the right freelancer is often hard. Such is mostly because businesses and buyers do not search the freelancers out or set agreements. In an ocean of available freelancers these days, finding good ones, thus, is the key.


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Here are tips to find good freelancers online



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 Determine what you need

This starts by identifying projects on which the person has limited expertise. Everyone likes to spend time on different content where they have interest and good understanding. It allows a person to identify actual skills required from a freelancer.

Know your project well and draw up a job description for your freelancer. You should, hence, first, compile the list of attributes freelancers should have and then put their feelings out.

Make a list of what you can offer as well so that when you find a good freelancer, you know what your offer will look like, what will rope them in. This will also give you a negotiation space in the later stages.


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 Choosing samples

It is one of the main ways to appoint the best talent for your required job. By going through samples, you develop a fair idea about a candidate’s skills required for a particular task. When you start looking out for freelancers, you will find hundreds, if not thousands. Narrow down your pool of choices.

In the beginning, keep your mind open, and then using eliminate method, start narrowing down that sample space. One easy way is to check by appointing them, for example, work and setting a time deadline. Going through this activity you can easily identify the person best suited to complete the task.

Or start by going through individual profiles on various platforms or known industry niches. You can get an idea from where your competitor is hiring their freelancers from.


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 Conduct interviews

Human activity is almost nullified when you conduct online interviews. Even if a candidate cannot be physically accessed, you can make good use of online platforms like Zoom, Skype to interview the person. It is essential to develop a healthy relationship and working environment before you start an agreement.

Mostly for hiring freelancers, for example, content writers or logo makers, you may want to test them or ask for their portfolios in order to get an idea if their offerings work for you or not.


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 Final assessment of payment

This is natural instinct that you want your work done with the least amount of payment. Before drafting an agreement you should be able to create a balance between earning a reasonable price for a project and getting professional results.

You can always check the freelancer by giving him a test project on his set amount, if it is worthy and you are satisfied, then you can increase the budget according to what the freelancer demands.


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 An agreement

When you have identified the right person for your project, it is important to discuss the whole project, timelines, project management, payment schedule. It will help both parties to further avoid any problems.

Never pay in advance! This is a very important rule to be followed because unfortunately there are bad people everywhere. Paying in advance is also bad even if the freelancer is a good person, as this can make him do the job unmotivated, since he has already received the money.


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 Review feedback

When you have appointed the task for the person, it needs to be evaluated. By checking previous employer’s feedback and ratings, you can make decisions based on candidate interaction with the last employer’s during their project time.

This is one of the great advantages of using freelance platforms, as in them we can read the comments and evaluations of people who hired the person you are analyzing. Paying a small commission to the platform is worthwhile as they mediate payments and bring us valuable information about the freelancer.


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 Regular conversations

By establishing a good relationship, it is important to communicate frequently with freelancers. It helps you to achieve your target by exchanging views, and listening to their skillful ideas can boost your project. These conversations and PR can come in handy later on.


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 Be picky

Every project needs a different type of candidates, sometimes you need an expert due to the requirement of the project, there are times when you are willingly giving work to freelance quirks, most of the time they will bother you and be late on submission. Perfect freelancers are hard to get because they are engaged with different projects at a time, for this purpose you can choose more than one person to execute your project perfectly on time.

Lastly, freelancers are not permanent employees, they are free to work. People hiring them should be able to judge with their respective work, previous conducts, and commitments. Both parties should work according to the agreement to ensure a good working relationship.

It is important that you be a considerate employee for them as well. Do not do anything you would want to avoid in a normal situation. Being respectful will create a good relationship and will automatically make the freelancer more attuned to your requirements.


Now you know how to find good freelancers online! For your project to be successful and achieve expressive results, it is necessary that good people are involved. Use these tips above to hire the right professionals to make your plans a reality. Good luck!




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8 Tips to Hire Good Freelancers Online
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