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Not the official website

It is important to inform that the website does not directly offer freelancing services and does not have marketing rights over these services. Following a policy of total transparency, we inform you that this is not an official channel of the plataform that offer the services.



All money transferred by customers on the final order page is the sole responsibility of the website that hosts the freelancers, since they make the intermediation between the parties involved. Possible problems, such as the non-acknowledgment of payment, a support request should be opened directly on the company’s website.

We do not have the power to provide support related to the service contracted on the platform. The support request must be made on the website of the company where the service was contracted.

The contractor, when paying for the service, has the protection of the site, as the payment is withheld until the freelancer delivers the agreed amount. Correct filling in of the email is important for communication with the professional and the platform.


Cookies and navigation

Online companies are always looking to improve navigation on their pages and increase the quality of the service provided, and one of the greatest actions is the navigability of visitors on their pages.

One way to be able to understand what people are looking for on the site, as well as blocking unsolicited content from appearing, is to mark your navigation and ‘track’ that visitor with a well-known file called a cookie.

Non-personal information is stored in the browser, often for a specified period, and identifies whether the visitor has already gone through that page or played on that video. An example to better understand are the passwords that are stored on your social networks. They do not pose risks to the user and do not keep essential information.

At we seek to be transparent and create constant improvements to be a bridge between those looking to hire a professional and the platform that hosts freenlancers. So we can also work with cookies, but again, no personal information is collected.


Affiliate Entrepreneur is an advertising channel used in order to connect interested in hiring developers, copywriters, teachers, designers, editors and others, to freelancers who provide services over the internet. The monetization of our website is done through affiliate programs, where a commission is generated if the visitor, after clicking on our links or images, makes the payment for service on the platform.


Personal information

Concern about the security of information on the internet is always a topical issue. We do not have a policy of requesting personal information from those who access our articles. Following this behavior, your address, phone number or identity is not passed on to us by freelancers or platforms that have links on our pages.

For even more security and information, you can read the company’s terms of service, privacy policies and refund policy to learn how to proceed should you need to.


About the freelancer

When hiring services on the platform after clicking on one of our links, you confirm that all responsibility for payment is divided between company and consumer. We do not take part in disputes of this type and do not offer support to answer questions.

If you believe that the behavior of the freelancer, which has a link on our pages, was not correct and transparent, contact us so that we can analyze, and if dishonesty is found, we will remove the links.


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Our content

We do not authorize the use of our texts or images in marketing actions without proper authorization. Copying, in whole or in part, of our articles is not permitted.


Contact us, if you need.

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