How a Virtual Assistant can Help your Business

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Starting up a company is a laborious and time consuming task, most if not all entrepreneurs have to multitask day and night during the startup phase just to get things going for their business idea. However once the business gets going, the workload for the entrepreneurs may multiply as more and more tasks need to be carried out.

As the workload increases, entrepreneurs risk burning out. Burning out is a very great concern for entrepreneurs as it can result in significantly reduced efficiency levels and entrepreneurs know that if their efficiency drops, then it will only be a matter of time before the efficiency of their team and organization drops as well.

Of course, entrepreneurs do not have to do everything themselves. As the business grows and responsibilities pile up, entrepreneurs need to delegate some of their tasks in order to maintain their efficiency level and prevent burnout.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a strategy that most entrepreneurs adopt, in order to manage the more mundane and time consuming tasks that come along with entrepreneurship. A virtual assistant does everything that an assistant would do, with the added advantage of being more cost efficient.

Hiring a virtual assistant can reduce the workload of entrepreneurs significantly, allowing them to focus on more core activities of the business. Let us have a look at some of the ways in which virtual assistance can assist entrepreneurs and help them grow their companies.


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Social Media Management

Social media management has become an integral part of modern business. A start-up can save up a lot of money simply by using social media marketing. Managing the presence of a business on social media, however, is a very time consuming task.

It does not require a lot of technical skills but logging into every social media account to post content and then engage with the followers is nothing but time consuming.

Entrepreneurs can be better off simply by delegating the task of social media management to a skilled and experienced virtual assistant. It is not worth the time of an entrepreneur to micromanage social media, especially when it comes to search engine optimization, keeping in touch with the stakeholders, announcing new promotions and offers, etc.

A virtual assistant can quite easily manage all of these cumbersome tasks, at a very affordable rate.

Furthermore, virtual assistants have got technical skills to use social media more effectively as compared to an entrepreneur, therefore, is logical to delegate the task of managing the social media presence of a new business to a virtual assistant.


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Managing Communication

Another very time consuming activity that can bog down an entrepreneur and waste a lot of productive time is dealing with the constant stream of emails and messages. New clients may contact for more information on products, suppliers may contact for better rates etc.

If an entrepreneur takes on the task of personally checking and answering every email and message, then this would without any doubt consume hours, every day.

Most of the emails and messages that flood the inbox of startups are low priority messages that can be easily handled by virtual assistants. There are only a few high priority messages that require the personal input of entrepreneurs.

A virtual assistant can therefore take on the mundane task of handling the communication of a new startup with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. High priority and important communication can be left for the entrepreneur to handle.

Once again this will save precious time and energy for the entrepreneur that can be focused on more productive tasks.


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Research is an integral part of any business, not just startups. With startups, research is even more important because the more information and data that is available, the better the decision making ability of entrepreneurs will be.

Research however once again is a very time consuming task, although entrepreneurs may want to carry out research themselves it may end up consuming a lot of time. The task of carrying out research for the business can be partially or completely delegated to a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant won’t just be able to carry out research but they can also present the researched information in a more organized and understandable manner for the whole team.

The entrepreneur can give leads, pointers, and general direction to the virtual assistant for carrying out the research. This will allow the virtual assistant to carry out focused research while the entrepreneur can spend their time in more productive and core tasks of the business.

It is up to the entrepreneur how involved they want to be in the research process, some entrepreneurs simply give out directions while some may want to be more involved. Whatever the case may be, having a virtual assistant to actually carry out the research by putting in time and effort is definitely worth it, as it saves up precious time.


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Managing Finances

There is a common misconception when it comes to virtual assistants being able to manage the finances of a business. A bookkeeper or a professional accountant can manage the books and the finances of a startup. A virtual assistant on the other hand is not likely to be qualified enough to be able to manage the complex finances of a business.

However, for startups and small businesses that do not have complex books to manage, a professionally qualified virtual assistant can manage the day to day expenses if the business uses any modern bookkeeping program like Quickbooks. Thus leaving the entrepreneur free to handle other matters without worrying about keeping the books updated with daily income and expenditures.

Businesses can save up to 50% of costs by hiring a virtual assistant as compared to an administrative assistant. In addition to this, the talent pool for virtual assistants is very diverse because businesses can hire virtual assistants from any part of the world.

This unlocks the availability of a lot of talented and professional virtual assistants, with extensive experience of managing and shaping startups at very affordable rates.

Thus hiring a virtual assistant can cut down the workload of the entrepreneur allowing them to focus on more core activities of the business while delegating the mundane and time consuming tasks to a professionally competent virtual assistant.




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How a Virtual Assistant can Help your Business
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