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Any business, big or small, requires some tasks to be performed on an ongoing basis. For example, bookkeeping is a continuous job that a running company has to do! Let’s suppose, a brand needs a strong social media presence, it will hire a social media manager.

Hence, there are a lot of such operations like cold calling, sending emails, data entry, bookkeeping, social media management, order management, customer support, or order management. You can easily hire a virtual assistant from Madrid Spain online and outsource the tasks.

A large company has enough resources to hire in-house staff for the operations, and they do have plenty of them. What if you are a small startup business or an entrepreneur who is managing everything himself. You might have a hard time getting your business operations done by yourself.


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What do you need an assistant for?

Photo & video editing

Social media management

E-commerce management

Customer support

Website hosting

Content writing

Email handling




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VA from Madrid

For example, managing your social media, and focusing on growing business at a time is a difficult task to do. Or, you cannot always be present on the phone to answer the queries of your customers. Furthermore, what about the cold emails you had to send?

In such a situation, an entrepreneur cannot work all alone. You need a team of employees, right? But what about the resources that don’t allow you to afford a full-time social media manager, accountant, customer representative, or data entry operator.

What to do in such a situation?

Outsource the job!

But how?

Look for freelancers online in Madrid who can be your virtual assistants to help you with your operations getting done. Where to find them? Keep on reading the blog, we will tell you where to find, how to find, and what to find in a virtual assistant to be your perfect match!


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Virtual Assistant: Scope of the Business

The platform offers a wide range of services under virtual assistance. The motto of the platform to hire a freelance virtual assistant is, saving your time and effort to focus your passion. Many subcategories are going to be discussed here.


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The entrepreneurs who are looking for anyone to assist them in the general administration of the business can hire a freelancer for admin support. Social media management for your brand presence on social media, or data entry work of your office, you can hire freelancers from Madrid conveniently.

There are a lot of freelancers providing dedicated admin support, or others offer custom services on demand. Or even, you can hire the freelancers for management of your e-commerce store. From our review of the gigs related to admin support we found out many services and the major services include:


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➊ Social Media Management

Hire freelancers to manage your social media, like post updates, ad posting, and customer relationships.


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➋ E-commerce store management

There are many virtual assistants who provide services like setting up your store, Amazon product search, order management, or managing your Amazon or eBay E-commerce business.


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➌ Email Sending

An entrepreneur who is striving to take place in the market requires a lot of communication, find your virtual assistant to manage your email communication.


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➍ Cold Calling and Lead Generation

Many virtual assistants provide services of lead generation and cold calling to convert potentials into customers. Still, you can find lead generation gigs separately under the category of business.


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➎ Admin Support

be your virtual assistant to manage your business operations.


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➏ Custom Virtual Assistance according to your needs.



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Skip Tracing

Skip tracing services are most useful for a startup dealing in real estate, or a finance company. Nowadays, skip tracing can be used to generate leads by using data scraping techniques.

Skip tracing can be performed by professionals who are well aware of all the methods. You will find various virtual assistants from Madrid offering you reasonable prices and a lot of data.

For example, you want to find the contact information of a debtor whose address is available. A skip tracer will find the contact information like email address, phone number, or landline.

After a review of the skip tracing category, we can tell you that these gigs are mostly for real estate businesses. So, if you are a real estate startup or established business, get affordable and high-quality services of skip tracers on the platform.


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No matter what business, until and unless your decisions are not backed up with accurate data, you cannot expect a higher success rate. Either marketing research for the demand of the product, and its feasibility, or looking for competitors’ data to make your move, the platform has more than 3000 services of data researchers for you.

We reviewed almost 50+ gigs for you. And the results are such that most of the services offered revolved around data mining, web research, marketing research, mailing lists, and finding leads for your business.

You can find affordable gigs, offering you great value. Doing marketing research for your Amazon store, finding leads for your business, let’s say real estate company. Web research or data mining for required data, for example, stock prices of 500 fortune companies or data of available sellers of a product in a locality.



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Cold calling and calling

Telemarketing has undeniable importance for any business, and especially a startup. But how to manage cold calling along with other business operations? Or might be, telemarketing is not your talent! What to do?

This is the best platform to hire good virtual assistance from Madrid, and the site offers you a long list of freelance marketers who provide services of telemarketing.

No matter if your business is a B2B company or B2C company, or you want someone to make follow-up calls to existing customers. You will have several options for making cold calls for you to your leads or customers. Just place the order to hire services of freelancers to make bulk cold calls, voicemails, or followups from 100, 500, 1000, or higher amounts.


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File Conversion

There are a lot of websites and software on the internet to convert pdf to word or word to pdf. But, you will find poor or no formatting in the converted file. Honestly speaking, my experience of converting files online has been tragic, and the converted data was a piece of crap.

And what if you have data in the form of images and want someone to enter that data manually into an excel sheet? In the virtual assistance category, you can find a dedicated subcategory of file conversions. We reviewed a lot of gigs and found that you can hire the following services:

1. Manual data entry into word, excel, or PowerPoint.
2. Converting data of a word file into pdf with proper formatting.
3. Formatting of already existing excel, word, or any other format.
4. Some gigs are related to converting photoshop or illustrator data into Indesign.


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Customer Support

Customers nowadays are more advanced and make informed decisions. Unlike the old days, customer satisfaction algorithms are diverse. Undoubtedly, communication and queries replied instantly by a human response have high weightage.

How to manage the customer support of your newly born business? Here too, the online platform has a lot of gigs where freelancers in Madrid, or other countries, offer full-time customer support and live chat agents to your customers or potentials.

You can hire the services of freelancers as each 30 days package, or weekly. If you want the services of the same freelancer thereafter, just place another order after the completion time of the first order. Or you can try two to three freelancers for effective management.


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How to Hire Online Assistant in Madrid?

All set for what services can be hired on the platform for virtual assistance! But a big question of how to hire still remains there.

You can search for the service you are actually looking for. The relevant results will be shown. After that, you can analyze the gigs by their reviews, the number of positive reviews, and going through some reviews explaining the quality of services.

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If you still have doubts, you can apply filters of level 2 sellers or top-rated sellers. They are the freelancer with the most authority. And make sure to communicate your requirements thoroughly to avoid any future inconvenience.

If you are unable to find your required services in the gigs, you can simply post a request. Explain your required services, your budget, and expected delivery—the sellers will contact you, and you can proceed further by communicating.


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The best platform to hire Virtual Assistants

You might have heard the name of the company before. It is a freelancing market where the sellers meet buyers and get the job done. You can get service as low as 5$. You can find different services from logo designing to financial consultation and many more.

The buyers have to purchase the gigs of the sellers at the agreed-upon services, rates, and terms. A gig is a kind of sales pitch where the seller explains his overall service scope, the price for a defined set of services, and asks for the requirements from the buyer.

A buyer can simply purchase the gig or otherwise ask the seller to send a custom offer if your work amount is out of the scope of the gig.


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Now let’s talk about the entrepreneurs who are looking for an online helper from Madrid. This platform is the place where you can find professionals who can help you to run your business operations smoothly. I reviewed a lot of gigs related to online assistance, data entry, call center, etc. on the site.

From my analysis, I have found out that you can get quite good services for around 75 to 100$ per week. The price seems a bit high, but it is far from the salary and benefits of a full-time employee.

And guess what, you can ask the virtual assistant to perform different tasks at different times if he agrees to do so. It can help a lot for the new entrepreneurs struggling to manage things on their own. Let’s get into what services you can get from virtual assistants on the platform.



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Virtual Assistant for Hire in Madrid
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