What to Look for When Hiring a WordPress Developer

hiring wordpress developer

Recruiting a developer might be a wise decision, but it could also be a dangerous one. You want to ensure that you wind up with the correct worker, but you really wouldn’t want to spend any more than is really necessary. As we proceed, we’ll go over the steps that will be required from you in order to optimize your chances of producing an excellent end result.


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Take into consideration your objectives

Since you’re not going to be developing your website yourself, you should have a clear understanding of your requirements before hiring a WordPress development team. The more detailed information you can provide them, the more probable it is that the finished output will be better.

The style of your website does not need to be planned at this point; nevertheless, the goal and contents of your site should be determined at this point. For example, it is critical to examine the following:

 What you intend to accomplish with your website. To disseminate knowledge, develop a community, generate sales, and so on.

 Number and sorts of pages you’d want it to include, as well as the overall volume.

Special features and functionality that your website will need, including order or booking applications, calendars, interactive features, e-commerce functionality, and so on…

Once you’ve decided on a developer, these are just the types of information you’ll need to send to them about your requirements. So, you’ll know that you and your web designer are on the same side regarding the path your project should be heading.


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Be mindful of the expenses that will be incurred

It has already been established that developing a personalized website may be an expensive endeavor. Of course, a website developed on WordPress will be less expensive than a site built on other platforms. Nonetheless, you’ll want to be aware of the kind of charges you might anticipate.

The amount you probably end up spending will be primarily determined by the following factors:

Scope: How many pages will you require? WordPress developers are frequently compensated on an hourly basis, thus the larger the site, the higher the prospective cost.

Complexity: It is more expensive to have anything constructed from zero in terms of functionality and/or features. Simple requirements, such as a simple WordPress blog, a firm portfolio website, or a tiny retail, should be less expensive.

Experience: You’ll discover a diverse selection of developers that charge ranging from $10 to $200 per hour for their services. The center of the hiring range is frequently where you’ll discover the most skilled and dependable candidates to recruit.

But, the three parameters listed above should provide you with a general notion of where your personal project will sit on the range.


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Know what to look for when hiring

Those considering hiring a WordPress developer will need to know how to evaluate potential candidates before making a decision. The prospect of doing so might be difficult, especially if you lack the necessary technical competence on your own. You may, however, make an educated decision in the meantime.

For this, you’ll want to take into account the following factors:

What is the fee that the developer is charging? Keep an eye out for individuals that charge between $5 and $15 per hour on the extremely low end of the range in particular. This is most likely indicative of a lack of prior professional experience.

Is there a portfolio of their past work available? Checking out previous websites that a possible recruit has produced is the finest thing you can do when assessing a candidate. Whether you have the opportunity, visit the sites and spend a short amount of time on them, testing to see if the information is easily found, if essential features function well, and so on.

Is it possible to obtain recommendations, reviews, and/or testimonials? If at all feasible, try to get in touch with someone else for whom the developer has done work and inquire about their experience.

How much experience does the developer have with WordPress in particular? In addition, a more broad developer is unlikely to derive as much benefit from the platform and may be less conversant with important programming languages and abilities.

What equipment do they have? Some developers will create a bespoke WordPress theme for you, while others will utilize page builder plugins such as Elementor to create your website. Even if there is no absolute right or wrong in this situation, you’ll want to know exactly what the basis of your site will be because it will affect how you make adjustments in the future, so do your research.

It’s a good idea to reach out to the most qualified prospects and have a talk with them before making a selection. Inquire about their previous work experience, inform them of your requirements, and so on and so forth.


This will reveal a few things to you:

◦ How well they are able to communicate
◦ What degree to which they comprehend your requirements
◦ The speed with which the developer responds

Furthermore, it might provide you with an indication of how easy they will be to deal with, the significance of which cannot be understated.


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Begin looking for potential prospects

You’re now ready to engage a WordPress developer to complete your project! The third stage is to begin the process of identifying viable options.

It is critical that you take your time during this step. Look around a number of different locations, develop a list of potential options, and compare them to one another. Once you’ve reduced the field down to a few top candidates, you may contact each of them individually and utilize the responses to help you make your final decision.

When it comes to finding potential employees, there are a variety of resources available. There are broad freelancing websites as well as WordPress-specific recruitment channels where you may locate them.

More information on where to begin may be found on our list of the top locations to employ WordPress freelancers, which includes other resources. You may also explore hiring a developer in your local area by attending local events.

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Recruiting a WordPress Developer

Since you have resources to spend but not a lot of free time, outsourcing your website may be a wise decision for you. Furthermore, you will be able to have a website that is tailored to your specific requirements, complete with all of the features and capabilities you desire.

It is not difficult to find a WordPress developer, which is a blessing. There are indeed a variety of experienced and dependable individuals that can provide assistance.


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What to Look for When Hiring a WordPress Developer
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